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How often do you suggest I check back to see what is new?

Your best bet is to subscribe to ItalianNotebook. (It’s free!) We will be sure to let the readership know about our new designers, artisans, and artists (and their products) via a note there as well as ongoing updates every day during the period that we will be selling the items.

Purchasing (3)

Is the site secure for me to enter my credit card information?

We are using the stripe payment system. It is just as secure as paypal. Basically, we never even see much less store your card info, as it is handled all through stripe’s extremely secure servers. In addition, our entire website is protected via a SSL (secure socket layer) certificate, which is guaranteed by geotrust. Here’s the geotrust seal.

Is it possible to pay using Pay Pal?

We decided to use stripe as a payment method instead of paypal. Same cost, just as safe, but way easier to use both for buyers and sellers. (Stripe website here)

Is it possible to get a coupon through ItalianNotebook or some other means?

No coupons at this point, we’ll be sure to let people know when we issue some.

Shipping (2)

Where do you currently ship to?

At the moment, we ship to the USA only. We will soon be adding the EU.

Will you deliver to a PO Box in the USA?

Sure, however we will use the Unites States Postal Service. There will therefore be no signature for receipt confirmation possible.